Been submerged in sorrow
Oh the deepest sorrow
I wondered why such anguish
I felt I was abandoned

Though I was exposed
Left subject to attack
I failed so I called out His Name
His Presence just out of reach

I knew I was being tested
I knew I failed the test
But more importantly
I know when I am being tested

One after another I was slashed
With lies and hate, spit and shame..
Why should I care about them
Despite what they do to me and Him?

Because that is what He did

As Nature escalates her destruction by a command (Amen) and as the world is oblivious to it while a simple letter is delivered unhindered, will they repent? For I have foreseen what happens if they do not and my words continue to be shared in secret and jeered at, but none, I say none, have reproached me directly.


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