A Taste

God’s wrath is the Father allowing evil to take its course; to remind you that this is but a taste of what it is like without him and his love.

The Lord God is Love
With great Mercy he has stayed his hand
Pray for those who refuse his love
Let love be your answer to everything
Love them in the Holy Name of Christ



Consider this then, you foolish lot
You have now before you
Though blind you do not see
All of Heaven in Glory
The front gates are open
With Eternal Life on the top of your tongue
But do not worry
They will not close
Until you all are there
Whilst standing here
Unless you prefer
The outer darkness
And the apostasy of your sin
Then you are destined for hell

So here I am
Answering the cry
I hastened My step
And kissed the face of man
With the unction of My Divinity
My Body and Blood
In true Bone of My Bone
Flesh of My Flesh
I am
We are the Christ
Am I the only One?
Where is your Faith?
Is there no one else??
Has betrayal cut a wound so deep?


Perfect Faith

As you are raised in Christ
I will tell you this:
How to perform a miracle

It is quite simple you know
It is even written in Scripture
A how to guide on miracles

The Church is so divided
Because of such trivial matters
Once reconciled you will all heal

So the key to performing miracles
Amidst those who do not believe
Is to do them two by two
Just as He sent the Apostles
He sent them in pairs
Into the towns casting out demons
Healing the sick
Curing the blind
And raising the dead
All in His Holy Name

Because the Faith of one who is Christ
Has perfect Faith of another who is also Christ
For where two are gathered together in His Name
He will be ALWAYS be present among them
They can say together to the mountain
Move and plant yourself into the sea
And it will obey

But no one listens
We have no power without Him
Only He by Himself
Has Power in Faith because He is Faith

Celebrate His Birth

Santa is an anagram for Satan
So if you stood up a tree
With presents all around
Decorations adorned inside and out
Without the Nativity in mind
You did not decorate for Christmas

If you sung carols of sleighs and bells
Or gave presents in exchange
Or prepared a magnificent feast
All without acknowledgement of Christ
You did not have Christmas in mind

If you eat your feast to your heart’s content
But feed not the poor outside instead
You did not truly give in the Spirit of Christmas
I could go on..

There would be no Christmas without Him
So We celebrate the coming of our Lord
By the only way we can adore

To celebrate Christmas
And it is not on Satan’s knee
But rather at a Holy Mass
Before a humble Nativity

Now prepare for His Second Coming
He is coming and has already come
I can assure you of that!

Was it something I said?

The thing about Deification in Christ is that all the laws and the commandments are fulfilled by solely abandoning yourself to the first commandment in Christ by fully loving God. In absolutely everything and everyone. There is not one person who has ever lived on the earth that has been able to on their own achieve perfection, nor will it ever be possible. But what is impossible to you, God winks at. Who and what am I (and many others) in this world? We are gods among mortals, not full of conceit or blasphemy but rather a union of imperfection and perfection by allowing Christ to replace our very selves with Himself. I remember it, I offered to Him as a sacrifice, my very soul by way of complete annihilation so that He could take over my life completely without any hinderance of me. He looked at me with such Love and He was overjoyed at the offering, and then He said that He will indeed do this to me as I have asked, but I would emerge from this union a new creation, and will forever be torched with His Fire, but will be persecuted by evil spirits my entire life. “Why would anyone want to do that?!”, you might ask.

Once you taste of it, complete freedom by deification in Him, you never want to go back to the way things were. Sometimes we have to, and it’s painful, so we are constantly tested, tested in fire, keeps us pruned, etc etc.

Never to be forsaken
The joy that comes with Faith
Is that no matter what
Even if you are all alone
He will still come and save you
I can certainly attest to that

So I’m going to have to repeat
Be ready in your hearts
Be ready to receive Him
Be not afraid, I go before you



The Lord reminded me of footsteps
The sound of His footsteps
The footsteps of His Second Coming
The pace had quickened, as I recall
Then He started to run
He can run pretty fast

The sound of His footsteps have stopped