Did you ever know someone that seemed to be so lucky, like he was the one that got whatever he wanted, that it didn’t matter what anyone did to him, everything seemed so easy to him, no matter how much you tried to ruin his life because of jealousy, he would always walk away unphased? Knowing their thoughts, their perceptions that he was more fortunate than others, he forsook his fortunes. The remedy of forgiveness calms a stormy sea. This world is in need of remedy, should anyone ever wait for forgiveness? Go then and give it whether they ask for it or not.

Step out into the light
Break the shackles of sin
Live in the Glory of God
Let Him take over within

The best part about this arrangement
Is that it comes with an inheritance
Inheritance of being deified in Christ
We are the King

Take a moment to let that sink in
In that deep, be as silent as you can
As silent as the darkness of space
Become that emptiness of space

Listen to Him speak quietly
Before He has to shout in your ears
Louder than thunder it will be
How many will be ready for that?

“Wow what a loser” he said in his thoughts as soon as he looked at me, and that curse repelled right back at him, but I forgive him for saying that; thus destroying the curse by way of forgiveness. Oh, how I do this every day, do I have to withhold my forgiveness for a little while to release a whirlwind of chaos and destruction, I really am quite close to it. Just saying… Whatcha gonna do?



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