Still Waiting

There is this place within me, a place of solace, of peace, of joy, with silence and love, this place is indeed Heaven. On Earth, I broke all the laws except one, even then I was tempted. Understand what this means, child.

The world is in such an evil state, their sins piled on top of their heads like hot coals and they do not see or understand their offense. So out of the deepest pity, the Father will through His great Mercy raise up by the power of His Holy Spirit, those who give themselves in sacrifice to Him and He continues to do so to this day. Praise to Jesus Christ, the Holy One. Amen.

The reality of the freedom that humanity has received as a result of their disobedience, is like giving keys to a supercar to children before they can even learn to drive.

This is why there is mercy, for the devil is tempting you with the keys that lead to death.

Learn therefore what these words mean, the Word that comes forth from the mouth of God, that prophecy is not prediction, but in fact the grace to command in His Holy Name, to endure great suffering because your own disobedience and blindness to sin must have recompense.

Be Redeemed
By the Body
By the Blood
Christ is the One
The Holy One
In His Name
I Am

I say this in truth
Greater will the land be displaced
Than Sodom and Gomorrah
The trembling Earth
Will make her voice heard
So that the abomination
Will be destroyed


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