Understand me in what I say
That what I do I have already done
Now I’m waiting for the day

A day ordained by the Father
Because we knew you would not
That the West and East shall become one

None come to me for who I am
Only for what I can do for them
For they are truly blind

What is it to you how I shall return?
The truth is already written in scripture
It’s so scandalous, this simple veil

It pulls the rug out from under their feet
A disgusting rug over the keystone
With Angels all watching and waiting

But there’s always pity
So many that are lost and need mercy
What other signs do you seek?

You want me to appear physically?
I am here, there, everywhere
United and One with a wretch made clean

Wretched sinner indeed
Stepped aside and let Me in
He knew I am the only Way, as do you

With a New Name known only to myself
Written on this wretched heart of mine
Indeed, all of this out of Love

Now, Easter must unite
I already gave you a head start
Step into the light and pour out all the Love

Just one act you must do, just one
Lest there be wrath unrelenting
Enjoy the peace I give until then


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