Leap Beyond

So far with the primes
We’re past thirteen now
Don’t you see?

Take this moment of peace and calm
To reflect on your very own lives
How are you really towards those
Who are in fact Christ?
Trust me, I already know
This is now up to you, friend

For He said truly
That which you do
To the least of these
You do unto me
Acknowledge me


One thought on “Leap Beyond

  1. Faith is the conviction that what you want is His Will and it will be granted unto you. My faith is beyond this world; The things that you place more importance on, worship even, than the God who created you is insulting. Out of pity, He comes to you in such a way that gives Glory to Himself, but even then He is refused. So He comes to you again and offers you the same Glory, but you still refuse Him. Now the many that were few, have more weight with their prayers in the Heavenly Court by the sacrifices they gave.

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