The Almighty Father
Relents His wrath once more
A date that I had set
On a certain day in November
To release certain destruction
To the City of Angels
On that day of Remembrance

In His Mercy the command was rescinded
Like a scroll burnt up
Into a puff of smoke

Is all He said after He stood
He turned and looked at me sternly
And I understood
Still on my knee before His Feet
He lifted me and held me
Kissed me and clothed me

On a Certain Day in November

So I am rejoicing in the Lord!
Now we’ve all come this far
Your faith in Him
It holds all the power
So don’t stop believing
Believe in the power of prayer
I believe we’re on the verge
The verge of a true show of

Thus the earth that now revolts
Against her poisonous guests
The earth that howls in her anger
Will now be like a calm cold blue lake
Rippling under a nice warm sunrise

On a certain day in November


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