What’s Your Fortune?

Those who have had the fortune
To partake in the Holy Eucharist
Who believe in the transubstantiation
Remember, you must be cleansed of your sin
Before you receive Him

If on your tongue
As a thief or a liar
As an adulterer or a murderer
As an idolator or lusting for so many things

With no repentance there’s no forgiveness
For without repentance you do not seek forgiveness
Thus proclaiming yourself above your Creator
But you are still given Mercy

There will come a day when His Mercy shall come to an end
That Day will be a terrible day for you indeed
I’m the worst of all men in the eyes of God
Thus I know what Mercy really is and what it means
And I know that the time is near, so brace yourself

The Sabbath Day for me
Is every day
For I am at peace
With Him always
As He rests in me


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