For You

Very difficult times lay ahead
The Holy Spirit of our Lord
If you have not yet noticed already
Is moving deeply and powerfully
Throughout all His faithful in love
Those who truly love, adore, and believe
I say to you

Now, We shall breathe His Fire
Set the world on Fire, oh yes
For the love that tastes blood
For the sake of the lost
By His Grace have no fear
For We do not shed blood
That is not our way
We bleed and suffer
Suffer ‘cause we can through Him
No matter what
Did He put up a fight
Before He sacrificed, Himself
And thus died for your sins?

Oh, dancing in Heaven, by the way
Is mostly beyond amazing even
Enticing me to ecstasy every time I think of it
But I resist, I resist so much an experience I have had once, so badly
But I can’t go just yet, there’s always hope of a certain love
I’m just wondering if it’ll be
Before or after that day I proclaimed

Cause right now, my legs are beckoning me to run
Run as fast as I fucking can
But I will stay as long as it takes ’cause I have to
For you


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