The Answer

Since I can’t do anything on my own
This weak flesh and mind of mine
I must give everything to God

Once you have tasted freedom
You will always thirst for it
A thirst always quenched by Christ

I’ve been to Hell and I’ve been to Heaven
Ask me about it sometime
I don’t recommend the former

I can tell you in truth, in that desolate place
There is no peace but always war for power
If you are weak you will perish

The strong will crush your bones under their feet
And when you are parched with thirst
In your mouth they shove the burning ash of your flesh

In Heaven however, weakness is adorned
Not because of weakness itself
But for the Glory of God by raising the weak

Raised to the fullness of His Strength
Thus they are His and have His Power
Over the earth, over death, all with pure love

Ever wonder what would happen
If someone who’s given themselves over to God
Entered Hell with all of God’s Glory and Power?

I would wager that the fire that comes
That destroys evil and purifies by love
Will be the answer you are looking for



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