I have power over the very earth
The Earth that is shaking beneath
Stumbling your very own feet
It’s relatively simple really
God manifests himself
Through those who sacrificed
Their own lives for him..
I truly died and was raised back to life…

Alas, I am bone of his bone
Flesh of his flesh
United and inseparable
For all eternity and beyond..
My pleads go unheard and unheeded
I’m doing my best to stay God’s wrath
Believe me..

So rise up oh storms of the seas
Rear your head in anger
Unrelenting swaths of elements, Amen
A time for all to understand truth
Repent, and you will finally see
That with the worst of calamities
So many could have been spared
But you are shortsighted and naive
What matters to you so much in this world
Really is just dust
There is so much more than dust at stake here


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