Losing Fear

Wisdom, she has taught me many things
She whispered in me her words about chaos
How God uses it to orchestrate order
It is truly fascinating to note for you
That chaos is much more noticeable
When you oppose the order prescribed for you

Some call that destiny, some call that fate…
Did you know that if you give your will over to him
You actually end up living in complete freedom?
A conundrum of trust issues might be at play here
Should you distrust your own creator

But that is not the fascinating part
You are being blinded by lies about God and His Love
You are all fighting for your freedom in some form, good or bad
But the one thing you refuse to do is submit yourselves to God’s will
Because you believe you will lose your freedom

You have to submit yourself to Him every day
To gain true freedom, freedom to do anything in His Name
How can you lose your freedom, if you must offer it daily?
You all give up too soon, one day, maybe two…
The only thing you will lose is fear itself


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