Truth Of It

Nobody likes to hear the truth
If it somehow makes you feel
Discomfort, unsettled, troubled
Is that really so bad?

Let me tell you something about truth. No one can convince you of the truth of anything without sufficient proof, especially for things that are part of the unseen world unless you can reveal the truth of it and seal it with the fulfillment of what’s written before it happens. Thus I have written much for all to see and witness happen, in many different places, through different faces, and in many different times. This time however, what I have written must happen, must happen for your sakes, so that you believe, and so many will fulfill the prophecy of the sign of Jonah. Just as in the time of Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of the old prophecies by Christ is at hand, also the new prophecies by the same Christ through many living prophets today is at hand. Blessed are those who believe and are in Christ before such signs occur. Peace be upon you all. Amen.


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