Little Things

It’s the little things we do
That when added up count more
Than the real big mistakes
We make against God
Small tokens of love
A smile, a wave
A forgiveness offering

I have already forgiven
All that’s been done to myself
Forgiveness is like an infinite sea
When one drop is offered
It becomes infinite Mercy
Oh, so much more Love you can receive!

So I go one step further
And forgive them all long before
I take offense to what they’ve done
For in the moment I am angered
I am reminded I already forgave

This is no command, you are free
Just know where your heart is at
And be that to even strangers
With all the Love you have and are

Before God, we’re lovers
Before People we’re strange
Before Angels we’re Glory

The suffering is bearable
The bleeding never stops

I am always pleading for God’s forgiveness


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