To Rome

To Rome

I came to your doors
Formed by the Spirit of Truth
But I was cast aside
Despite gifts of blessings and signs

Forced to take a different path
This one I forge with Love
Such joy I must proclaim
To live in the Love of the Lord

But you still refuse my calls
Calls for unity, love, and peace
You prefer the seats of honour
Over the less fortunate than you

These are the start of the warnings
Will you repent in time
Or shall we continue like never before?
What will it take for you to believe?

Open your heart and receive His Spirit
Be Love to others to bring peace
For the distant land of evil will crumble
Yet for you three so far, how many more?



In my usual routine, I was sitting on the bus yesterday, watching people get on and off the bus. I prayed for them all, especially those who have hearts as hard as stone and void of love, so empty… it always hurts me to peer into such hearts, but I do anyway. Some may think that this is some sort of invasion of privacy, but if you only knew… The invisible world, the things you’ve done, even in secret, are all visible to the unseen world, in fact, a perfect record exists of the entire Universe, past, present, and future, with every infinite possibility that could exist, by the Knowledge of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. I prefer to get the truth from the perfect source that is Him, and I do thank you very much.

I have not posted in a while because I have been slowly recovering from a severe demonic attack. The attack left me numb and angry but the Lord was with me the whole time, I even felt His peace and presence, with Mary the Mother of God, beside me as I was enduring this trial.

So here is an ode:

I offered my life
I offered my soul
I offered my mind
I offered my body
To Jesus Christ,
Kept by His promise
That what’s His is mine
And what’s mine is His
As He offered me the same

Now, I want to make it quite clear, that Christ and I are truly One. We are inseparable because of Christ’s promise and our pact of faithfulness to each other before I was born, before time. But it took a long time for me to remember and I messed up along the way, for I lost that memory. I know I am forgiven. Yesterday, I asked to be tested and tried, I asked to be judged before my own death, for my life is always in God’s hands, not mine. A question for you, if you think you know the answer, answer me this: If I have truly died and come back to life, not once, not twice, but three times within this very life that offers it, does that mean I will never die or must die at an appointed time?

My trial is near it’s end, and when judgement has been committed to us who sits on these thrones, that Day O people, will either be a glorious day or a terrible one indeed for you all… Are you aware of the thrones and who these people are? No, you are not and you do not, unless you are one.

The Church has been combating demonic possession for thousands of years, but today such tragedies are branded and masked as an illness amidst actual illnesses and treated as such. What the Church doesn’t really talk about much is what happens when we are possessed by Jesus Christ, as the word “possession” has negative connotations. The difference is, if you asked Christ to leave you, whilst you are possessed only by Him, He will leave without hesitation, but those who are possessed by Him, would never ask that of Him because they know He is the only begotten Son of God, they would never throw away such a gift. But if you’ve never let Him in, He is then left to compete with demons for your love, who are no match for Him, but he may come to you in a different way, just to make sure you don’t want Him back, because once those doors are locked shut, they are locked shut for eternally good by God Himself. Because He knows many things you don’t, sees things you do not, everything on Earth, everything in Heaven, and everything in Hell. If you ask, demand, command a demon to leave, they may or may not depending on the circumstances, but if they do leave, they will return with a thousand more because they are seeking places to hide out of fear. If Christ is not present to combat them for you, you won’t be able to, as you most certainly cannot by yourself, you need Him to live. Sound familiar? If you think this is not possible or deny that Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ, then you have a demon or have many. It’s a simple test really. Now Christ is a nation of people, one with Jesus through the Holy Eucharist and the Sacraments, they have the power to cast out these demons.

“Remain in me, so I’ll remain in you”

People give up to soon, they are left believing that Christ has abandoned them, when in fact He’s been gently cleaning house and putting all things in order with only love, trying so hard through those who are united with Him… they give their lives for Him, only to be scorned and hated for it, for His sake. So He is raising those up to himself, welling up the spring of eternal life from within the very soul that seeks it.

Now the time will come, lo it has already come, when Christ will come into the world. How shall He come into the world, you might ask?

Jesus, who was condemned to die, became sin itself though he never sinned, he died on that cross for your sins…

You see, Christ is a nation. A nation of people one with God, each of us following the will of God. So whatever it is we do, we do by His Grace, and since it is no longer ourselves, but in fact Christ Himself working through us, we have only one thing left within us that matters the most: Love and God is Love. So that no matter what happens in the world that we are not part of, what we do, what we say, who we are even, indeed but a veil, that the Lord will always be faithful to the end with the ones that love Him deeply and gave up their lives for Him in more ways than just one. Then I saw multitudes of Angels, lifting veils of the many who were hidden, they were like shepherds in wolves clothing and the Angels clothed them in the most dazzling white robes, raising them among all the others that are cleansed by the blood of the lamb that was slain. So, what Day do we celebrate in three days time?


I gave Christ all my weaknesses
I give Him my will every day
He does whatever He wants with me

You can say I’m possessed by Him
But He also is possessed by me
This is the Unity He seeks with Love

So I wonder… if you don’t believe
Either I’ve gone cuckoo
Or the Devil’s got hold of you

Speaking Softly

It occurred to me today
That as I write and pray
Offer and fast
Hear Him speak softly
In whispers in my heart
Things that assure me, frighten even
That even amidst all the busy noise and evil
That His Love for me will never cease
As the same Love within me for Him
Is His own Love of Himself in you and me
United and free


I did not come down as Jesus Christ
I came into the world as one of you, a sinner
I hate this world and I am not from here
I bleed and suffer in ways you won’t understand

I don’t want destruction and waste
But I am watching it unfold before my very eyes
Am I the only one seeing this happen?

It matters not if the commands to Nature to lay waste
Have come from my hand and lips
I have an obligation to write how I heard them
Are you listening?
How many more acts by her do you need to see to believe?
How many confirmed deaths will it take?

If you silence the Spirit of the Lord
He tends to get louder as He speaks
His voice will indeed thunder
Across the whole world, boom

I know in my heart
You don’t want to be in opposition to Him that Day
Almighty Father, how long?

What’s Your Fortune?

Those who have had the fortune
To partake in the Holy Eucharist
Who believe in the transubstantiation
Remember, you must be cleansed of your sin
Before you receive Him

If on your tongue
As a thief or a liar
As an adulterer or a murderer
As an idolator or lusting for so many things

With no repentance there’s no forgiveness
For without repentance you do not seek forgiveness
Thus proclaiming yourself above your Creator
But you are still given Mercy

There will come a day when His Mercy shall come to an end
That Day will be a terrible day for you indeed
I’m the worst of all men in the eyes of God
Thus I know what Mercy really is and what it means
And I know that the time is near, so brace yourself

The Sabbath Day for me
Is every day
For I am at peace
With Him always
As He rests in me