You want to know something about grace?
The worst feeling in the world is when you are raised by grace to be in the heights of the Heavenly Court only to fall from grace in a heaping pile of anguish over something so very dreadful, I offended the Almighty God. What sin I committed matters not, because in his mercy and forgiveness he has raised me up once again. Back to the same point in grace and faith as to when I fell out.

This experience brings out the knowledge of what the will of God is, for the experience of Heaven while on earth far exceeds any other feeling on earth, especially before the great end and new beginning. My sacrifice, as it’s written, will be revealed on Judgement Day, this is so my love remains.

As it is, the love and the agony is overwhelming to the point that if I say my body feels like it’s being slashed by a whip made of barbed metal, beaten, and crucified in a state of divine grace, I am saying this from my heart in all truth, but no one believes me. The Passion is indeed beyond anything I ever experienced, as I am partaking in the greatest sacrifice the world has ever known, thus partaking in the Final Resurrection.

It feels cold
It feels cold in the world
World of hearts I see
While hanging on this tree


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