Present Time

There is no better time than the present time
To act out of Love to others
But presently at this time

A Son of God is on Earth
But has experienced so very little of this
While being in poverty of His own Divine Power

For the impoverished are granted Love freely
By God when their hearts yearn and seek it
Love that is God
Love that is eternal life
Love that is foundation of all virtues

But they harbour it in their hearts
Selfishly unaware
That greater is this gift of Love
They so covet within themselves
When it is spread throughout the world
By the most simple act of love that is
To share with one another
And expect nothing in return

But this world is hard of heart
Their wars, lust, greed, and lies prove it
The End of the reign of Satan
It is near its very end
So to those who are true Lovers of love
I say to you, you know exactly what to do