Speak From The Heart

Do you ever speak only in your Heart?
Before you can form words to surmise
The purest form of Love, a living flame
Conversations with God in this way

In an instant moment, Glorious Revelation
To have to write books upon books
Drenched in God’s Wisdom
To articulate what was said
Only to be torn by envy and hatred

For what comes out of my mouth
Will always be the Lord Jesus Himself
To warn you of His Second Coming
Lo, it has already begun

For when you rejected me
You have indeed rejected Christ
My Fountain, my Life, my Spirit
All of me in Him, and all of Him in me
A humble, wretched and lowly sinner

Having to come to terms with reality
With what’s been written on my Heart
My heart yearns for His Grace
Sustaining me against sin
With only these words I have left to give

So if you’ve never conversed with God
While you read this open your own heart
And know that I am trying to save you
Trying to lead you to God who is Love

I know what is in Hell that awaits you
If you should decide you don’t need God
The terrible things that must come to pass
To get your attention to repentance
Look around you, this is all in Revelations