Believe In Me

A true metanoia is not just a conversion of heart
It is mind, body, soul made one with God
It is possible, I have actually done it
But I could not have done it without Jesus Christ
This isn’t a one-off experience
Or some empty physical feeling
It’s the solace and the peaceful journey
Of a life led by completely and totally Him
The answers have been in your face all along
Yes Love, Love is the answer
To His Will I submit, every morning I wake
Alas, everything falls into place

This morning an unusual response
My usual prayer to God
But I meant it this time
I give you all my will, all I am is yours, I said
Until finally this morning
The moment I have always been waiting for
The moment you read and believe
He responded by saying
All that is mine is yours
That’s when I believed I am a true Christ


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