A Powerful Vision

Just when I thought I was done… I wanted it to be done…

I rested only for a short while. I urged Him to come soon, but my heart felt pity, and the Lord heard my cry. Mercy knows no bounds. The quake can be stopped, it’s already written, everyone should already know how, but they don’t want to. The quakes are a reflection of their sin.

I then had a vision. This vision happened right before my eyes as I walked down the street. I became part of the vision, an amazing dance back and forth between Heaven and Earth, which happens often, again and again, I am completely surrounded by God. From my perspective, if I was able to put what I saw to a movie, it would be a blockbuster hit, but people’s hearts are amazingly hard, as they would just rate it and move on to the next. You tell me then, how does a no one such as myself convince the whole world in such a short amount of time, that they should believe that Christ’s Glorious Second Coming is soon?

Solemnly I say unto you, His return is so very soon, you would have no idea if he was already here. If everyone knew He was here, every church, chapel, monastery, and any other holy place would be packed with six billion people every morning, everyone awake, and praising Jesus for His Mercy!
But you are not and the harvest is now upon us.

I suppose this means, because I said I would not write, I wanted Him to Return by way of forcing Him. I have no such power over Him in this way, but if I give my own will to Him daily, though in truth, He really has done the same for me. As by His blood that runs through my veins. How many of you will actually read this slowly this time?

I write because of what I witnessed
I write because of what I saw
What I am witness to
You would absolutely marvel
At all the amazing things
That the Lord Jesus does for you
Every. Single. Day
Every Day is His

But you would also be so very frightened
For you do not see the battle
You are not supposed to
For if you were to see it
The nightmares would destroy you
I am still here to warn you
Those who live not under Grace
Would be wise to listen and adhere to
The Precepts of the Lord

Even before He came to me
It was not me that was battling evil on my own
It was Jesus doing it all for me
While I was being so useless
And ungrateful for His Mercy and Love

My advice to you now
Is to hold onto every moment
Of every act of love you have ever been granted
Of every act of love that you bestowed
Act out of that love for more Love
Mercy is so bountiful

For I saw great Angels of God
That bore faces of animals of different kinds
Their faces were shadowed by the Light
From the torrent of wind and flame from their mouths, nostrils, and eyes
The flames were glorious white and red
Spun into swirls of ruby red curls
With diamond bright fingers that cut like a knife
God’s Holy Spirit I saw
And He was breathing His Fire
So much fire everywhere
Evil destroyed like twigs and paper in a campfire
Nothing was left not even the ash
Just Fire, hot stone, His Angels, and His Children
And those that remained by His Grace and Power
It was awful and it was awesome
I cannot help but be intimately in Love
With God
So especially with those who Love Him the same

Then there was Jesus
You would be gratefully afraid
From the Light of His presence all evil fled away
By His breath of Fire they scream
The ignition itself
Like the light of thousand blood red suns
Exploding all at once
I saw it all and there is so much more

The truth of the matter is
This world must be purged
They are oblivious to what lies in wait
In the very deep depths of Hell
Believe me, you don’t want to know
Yet live in it for eternity

Then I look out my window
To see two tiny love birds
Chase each other through two wound up apple trees