A Real Christian Is Christ

How about another mystery then
Now that I have someone’s attention
Beliefs of a certain kind
Require a certain kind of fiat
To make them resolute
Thus this Word is blessed by God

Connect the dots
Jesus is the Son of God
By Faith, Hope, and Love
And by deliverance, repentance, and offering
We can become One with the Father
Jesus prayed to the Father
The Greatest Prayer of them all
“That they may be One, just as you and I are One”

For this prayer is the Greatest Prayer
It is the prayer that raised us from the dead
It is the prayer that brought us to eternal life
It is the prayer that made us One

Now that We are One with God Almighty
None can divide Us from Him
For Our Faith is His
Therefore We are like unto Him
Being Him by abandoning ourselves to Him
Through the Way of the Cross

We are God, yet We are not the Father
For the Holy Spirit Has come
Made His Home in Us
Christ abides in Us as Us
Therefore We who are like unto Him
Are the Christ, yet We are not
For His Coming in Glory is soon

How is that for a mystery that has been hidden before your very eyes?

So I call myself the scorned prophet
Because of an uphill battle that took place
Against every evil I faced
I turn to the Lord in my heart, always
That was my faithfulness to Him
I even offended Him before His Sight
He still forgave me
Despite the wretched act

Now you know the Truth
So let God take you there
If you can even dare yourself to ask