Spirit of Truth

Consider for a moment and humour me
If the Son of God sent you a message
To tell you He is coming soon
To prepare a place for Him
Would you not believe?

If His message was urgent
That His Disciples of Truth He wanted
To breathe His Word into the world
Concerning His Second Coming in all His Glory
Would you not also breathe?

What troubling times you live in
When the very ones you all cast out and aside
Have already been raised and considered worthy in His Eyes
Yet the world is full of contempt, hatred, and envy
If He asks you to repent, would you?

So here I am then, pleading to you
To understand the reasons and believe
To open your Heart out of Love
And respond with that very same Love
All this is written in the Spirit of Truth

Ah, so much has transpired and changed
Over so very short moments in your time
Every second that goes by whilst in contemplation
Encounters with the Lord occur
Over many days and nights

How can I not want to teach what I have learned?
About the Wisdom hidden from the wise
About the Heavenly Kingdom, arise
To lift the veil to reveal the Holy City
Made from every jewel and precious stone