Let Him In

I’ve let the Fire burn
By God’s breath ignition
Cause I have seen evil
Evil of the very worst kind
The desecration of Christ’s Body and Blood
Ills me to suffer intensely
Those who have offered up their own lives
For Christ and in Him they are united
The Day they no longer suffer
Is the Day of His Glorious Return

Oh, He won’t stand by any longer
Woe to those who receive Him with evil hearts
Only Jesus Christ has the power to abolish
His Presence in the host to a tongue full of lies
Ah, but a repentant heart must there be
To receive Him Sacramentally

Let Him in, if you want Heaven on Earth
Let Him in, if you want Peace in your heart
Let Him in, if you want Deliverance from every evil
Let Him in, if you want to Love and be Loved
Let Him in today, now, there is no other time