What Is Love?

What is Love?

There once was a man
In his heart he loved to love and be loved
He loved God more than anything and anyone
He even offered up his own life for them
He suffered intense agony, rejection, and abuse
The Lord’s Passion even
Then he asked God through his prayer
To spare the ones he loves from eternal death
On the day of the coming fire
For the Lord revealed to the man
They would not believe him
Should he even say, repent!

He heard the Lord’s footsteps
Flung the door wide open
Jesus didn’t have to even knock
As he welcomed God into his heart

He reached out to strangers
For to the world he did not belong
He poured out his Heart to them
In so many different ways
Only to be ignored and scorned
Though He broke the chain of sin

Suffering even the loss and pain
The Lord pitied him, such disdain
Offered him Ascension or to stay
The man humbly remained
Knowing there’s more to save

So the Lord took Him up anyway
Raised him up to Heaven
Leaving his body to remain
Made him into a New Creation
To live and remain until the coming day
When Fire from Heaven fills the sky