Believe In Me

A true metanoia is not just a conversion of heart
It is mind, body, soul made one with God
It is possible, I have actually done it
But I could not have done it without Jesus Christ
This isn’t a one-off experience
Or some empty physical feeling
It’s the solace and the peaceful journey
Of a life led by completely and totally Him
The answers have been in your face all along
Yes Love, Love is the answer
To His Will I submit, every morning I wake
Alas, everything falls into place

This morning an unusual response
My usual prayer to God
But I meant it this time
I give you all my will, all I am is yours, I said
Until finally this morning
The moment I have always been waiting for
The moment you read and believe
He responded by saying
All that is mine is yours
That’s when I believed I am a true Christ



The people that follow Him
Take the bloody path
And enter into His Passion
Nailed there, though dead they seem
Until the Day

Alas, as Revelation unfolds
New Love will come to light
Surpassing the burning desire
Of longing to be One
With God
In the New Heaven