Thus I Command

What I have thus written
Are not predictions
They are commands

I thus command
Unrelenting wind
Unlike ever before

I thus command
Violent quakes you must face
Incited by your own hate

I thus command
Fire from the earth
To increase in consumption

Then the Fire from Heaven will come
Ah, everything will indeed burn
None can hide from His Flame

Remember the days of old
As on the day of Passover
Death will come to those who hate

But you will not know the day
Oh that Victorious day
When Love will be all that remains

Amen. So be it. In Jesus Christ’s Holy Name


2 thoughts on “Thus I Command

  1. This was posted at 21:11 UTC, July 29, 2016. Exactly seven minutes later, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake occurred near Saipan.
    Would you like another?

    Several hurricanes, one in the Pacific, another forming in the Atlantic, and a typhoon is bearing down on Hong Kong… again. It’s only going to get worse you know…

    A smiley face in a volcano, several rather large volcanoes on the verge… you do the math.

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