Mercy Is Awesome

God is awesome because of His Mercy
But do you know His Mercy?
Acceptance of His Mercy requires repentance
Reconcile with Him, through Christ
His Mercy knows no bounds
I did the worst in His eyes
But I have been forgiven, my sin forgotten
Peace thus comes to you
Melting any heart of stone

While I write this, I can feel in my wrists an intense burning and tearing pain, as nails pierce them through. My face is being slashed, feels like hot glass searing my eyes and cheeks. On by back, my spine feels bare to the bone, there is metal in that whip. I suffer this pain by Grace and none can see it, none can see the crown of thorns. Oh, I suffer indeed but not for my own sake, for yours, and the lost souls. Bless you and peace be with you, may the Lord heal you in mind, body, and spirit by the power of His Most Holy Spirit. Amen. So be it.