My Stone

I was always looking for stones
I saw myself on a pebble beach
Picking all of my favourite ones

A man, Jesus, walked to me on the water
Reached down and put in my small hand
A stone so beautiful, so perfectly clear, reflecting every colour
It was blank and smooth, dazzling brighter than the sun
Said I had a choice to make
Whether the name on that stone
Was His Name or myself

If I chose myself, I would be forgiven
My acceptance of Jesus as King saves
Into the Heavenly Kingdom with Love
And Glory and Praise from my lips

If I chose God over me
I would forever be united
With Jesus, the only begotten Son of God
And enter Heaven a New Creation
But this would come at a cost, my sacrifice

By His Holy Spirit He burned and etched into and through that white stone
His Name yet also my very own
Given and written by Him
Not pronounceable by any tongue here
But you can call me by the name John
I am a Son of God
All I can do is Love, Love, Love
Never counting the cost