Signs All Around

There are signs all around
We’re near the end as they say
I know where I stand with God
Do you?

I care not for the attention of others
I care that the world not drag you under
These words ring true to some
To others it’s just another gong

I can’t force you to believe
I can point the way
No one has ever asked me
How did you Ascend?

Thus comes the conclusion
To an epic battle you chose not see
The dragon, that cunning serpent
Will be cast forever into Hades

You continue to be divided
Your gender, your faith, your colour
Don’t you see? The division destroys you
You are all Loved the same by God

So put aside your differences in pride
Do not reject others by your own judgement
For thus you will be judged by God
I have said this many times before

There is but a thread of hope
That I thought was all gone
Relenting a destructive command
Pending your response of Love