Heaven Is Silent

Yes, all of Heaven is silent
But here on earth My Heart is not
I plead for mercy and love
But you continuously defy and hate
Murdering children by the billions, an abomination
Now you are about to invade
And trample all over My Sacrifice

Know this, oh children of men
What is written, is written
It shall come to pass
I shall stomp my feet
Mountains will crumble
Seas will bow and overtake
Yes, the inevitable quake
How many then will repent and remain?


Thus I Command

What I have thus written
Are not predictions
They are commands

I thus command
Unrelenting wind
Unlike ever before

I thus command
Violent quakes you must face
Incited by your own hate

I thus command
Fire from the earth
To increase in consumption

Then the Fire from Heaven will come
Ah, everything will indeed burn
None can hide from His Flame

Remember the days of old
As on the day of Passover
Death will come to those who hate

But you will not know the day
Oh that Victorious day
When Love will be all that remains

Amen. So be it. In Jesus Christ’s Holy Name

Mercy Is Awesome

God is awesome because of His Mercy
But do you know His Mercy?
Acceptance of His Mercy requires repentance
Reconcile with Him, through Christ
His Mercy knows no bounds
I did the worst in His eyes
But I have been forgiven, my sin forgotten
Peace thus comes to you
Melting any heart of stone

While I write this, I can feel in my wrists an intense burning and tearing pain, as nails pierce them through. My face is being slashed, feels like hot glass searing my eyes and cheeks. On by back, my spine feels bare to the bone, there is metal in that whip. I suffer this pain by Grace and none can see it, none can see the crown of thorns. Oh, I suffer indeed but not for my own sake, for yours, and the lost souls. Bless you and peace be with you, may the Lord heal you in mind, body, and spirit by the power of His Most Holy Spirit. Amen. So be it.

Foolish Faith

Some have called me Moses or even Jesus
I laugh ‘cause it’s true to both and to my own
Though they all did it in jest
I lost my staff and skipped my stone
On the silent waters it was calm and smooth
My foolish faith made Him laugh
I knew my stone would return to me
As it left ripples in time and space

Empty Table

I’m sitting at a dining room table
It’s empty, no one is here
However, standing behind me
Is Jesus Christ and Mary

I’ve agreed with them and have entered a union
One that cannot be broken
Immortalizing me into a New Creation
Sitting here in silent pondering
About the Glorious things after His Return