Natural Disasters

If you wonder why
The disasters come your way
It’s not just a coincidence
It’s a call to repentance

You don’t believe in His Law
You fabricate your own
Only for selfish gain
You blindly follow the beast

This is the only way
But it’s normal you’ll say
Expert prediction is folly too
Against the Power of God

What’s happened so far
Is just the beginning
It will be one after the other
You won’t be able to recover


2 thoughts on “Natural Disasters

  1. If you look at the news media before all this, the “experts” were saying it will be a normal season for hurricanes, or there’s no risk of earthquakes for a while, or those volcanoes won’t erupt… Now they are saying, it’s an abnormal season, and now they expect more… one after another, it will escalate.

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