Acknowledge Him

The Lord raised me up to the Highest Heaven
To stand in His court and hear my prayers
I reluctantly commanded the earth to shake
The earth obeyed

I commanded storms to brew or depart
The sky obeyed
I commanded winds to blow fire and burn
And again the earth and sky obeyed

It’s not me issuing these commands
Through me
It is the Lord God
And Yahweh is His Name

He is the Triune God, Father, Son, and Spirit One
That by the Power of His Spirit
The Sacrifice of His Son, and the Love of the Father
He and I are One

So I have commanded again, the earth continue to shake
Crack open and bleed
That storms churn and burn
Oh earth and sky, obey

Because this world I kid you not, they are really lost
I’m but a light in such dark and dreary times
To acknowledge Him as Lord and King
A tough pill to swallow, but sweet as honey for some

Still I failed as a son, for I am a sinner
Am simply nothing without Him
So on my very last breath I always proclaim
That Jesus is Lord and He is my King