Least Expected

The Lord has indeed come in His own way
In a way that you all least expect
Though Heaven opened up and raised a few
None noticed, they’re blind and ignore His Law
The Law is to Love one another as He Loves

This world you so fearfully cling to
Is a fabrication founded in sin
So Angels have been sent down from Him
To abolish everything you’ve created
You cannot hide, so flee if you must

Should you realize your own mistakes
Reconcile, repent, and Love is what’s left to do
Your neighbor is not your enemy
Though you cannot distinguish which is which
So Love your neighbor and your enemy

As it has been foretold by prophets old and new
Always scorned, ignored, and cast away
The abominable ways worse than Sodom and Gomorrah
Think of what came to pass
How much worse it will be for you