Fulfillment Divine

Surely I am lacking in some form or another
The right words or phrase to convey
Divine aspirations delivering Truth
A shining light of Love in darkness

If this Word is not just mine, but mine and His
Our fulfillment of Revelation in passing
The world has already been warned
A Triune God, dwelling amidst this dry land

So ignore this poor sinner’s posts
I am gladly nothing in Christ the Lord
I won’t say I told you so or boast of myself
It will be too late, a world gone up flames

What you might think of rapture or ascension
It is not a collective event
It’s Heaven and Salvation by Mercy and Grace
Whilst dwelling among you in this land of waste

No one cares nor do they believe
But tell me O foolish crowd of dust
Can His omnipotence be squashed
By a select influential few?

So much more there is to be revealed
The greatest when the New Heaven comes down
Those who cannot bear to look upon Our Father
Will never witness this Glorious event