I’m troubled by this world
My Lord’s Justice near it’s close
They blindly continue on
Ignoring the signs, it’s not reality to them

My devotion to Him unwavers
They can chain me so I’ll starve
Burn me, cut me, shoot me away
He’ll still be at my side always, I will never die

I call Him and He answers
In such times Mercy is required
He won’t abandon me and I Love Him
Oneness with the Father fulfilled, He’s God

So do your worst, I’ll say the same
Righteous and Supreme, He’s Jesus Christ
One more for your sake, so what happens next
Believe and spread the word, He’s King

I command the wind and sky to obey
In His name, O Angels of God
Churn the sky into splintered swirls
Like never before they’ll see
Oh Angels make haste, will they believe?


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