Hear and spread this Word of the Lord
This adulterous and evil generation
That murders the innocent child
They say it’s their right and their law

There are no words to describe the anger
Blood for the sake of profaning His Love
Such abominations will not go unpunished
No one can hide from Him who is Judge

Thus the Lord will send His Angels
So many lives will be destroyed
By this command and power
Be blasted away like chaff in the wind

Billions to be wiped away for these sins
For they worship Satan and not God
They do not Love nor bring Peace
They are the reason the earth shakes

I am surrounded by evil, I weep
Though the Lord is with me, I am not afraid
But for you, if this is not the Lord’s Will
Then I command His Angels to strike me down

But in turn I command the quakes to escalate
Scorching wind and blasts of fire
Unrelenting creatures to consume
Plagues, floods, and fires a thorn in their side

They must repent to be saved
They must obey God’s Law, not theirs
They can Love again by humility
His Love is greater still so believe