I Breathe Fire

Alas, I am nothing but dust
A mere speck and least worthy of you all
Went to Hell not as a sentence
In my weakness I wandered off
Imprisoned by sin, far into the desert
Slashed, ripped, and torn by demons
Bit by bit, I was withered to nothing

I called to Jesus, in my contrition
He rushed to my aid, despite the pain
Humbled, I obeyed His command
I offered Him everything I am by Love
To do with me whatever He pleased
I had nothing to lose but myself
He took me into Himself
Both my Master and my Friend
For none in the world retained what was lost

Now We are one and Jesus is within
Divinity sustained, Our Father is as One
Forever we will be, united and sealed
By His Holy Spirit, We are
In His Name I Live and Love
Now I see what He sees, and disgusted I am
So I can and will, command the worst
So repent and be saved
For none of this dust matters
You should all know this by now

But this disgust has me torn
For I only know His Love
As a command can bring cities to ruin
This nothing of a prophet wants Love
But when everyone that I peer into deep
Will not believe and are bent on creating Hell
I breathe fire. Amen.