My Love And Life

There’s not much time left
The Lord has relented some
His fury over your state
Out of Mercy He poured it out
No thanks or offerings
But He will still recompense

Now is your chance
Before He blasts the lights
From all of your days
Set yourself right to be made pure
He will never leave you ever
So what are you waiting for?

I see with His sight
Your hearts an open book
Drink His Love, eat His Life
And you will be satisfied
Breathe His Spirit
From your mouth will come fire

Nothing new will be written
Though mysteries will be revealed
I have all Divine Knowledge
Not one has asked for any or some
What sin stops you from giving me your Love?

I’ll tell you this, in a short amount of time
When the sky burns like paper
You’ll know the day is at hand
Be His Light and be His Love
To those who are blind
I wish there was another way

For thousands of years subject to scorn
Life doesn’t end, I have been the Light
Such Love, such Life, death has no power
Authority over every quake, flood, and fire
Plague, pestilence, blood, and storm
Is mine, and only some barely believe

All hangs in the balance for Love
Now must come the undeniable warnings
The punishment that must come to pass
You’ve had plenty of time, you only need one
To turn to Love and be that flame
In my heart, I will save