Power To Prophesy

Oh His anger is quite real
Despite His majesty and patience
Our Father is about to stand
He will issue a command

If I told you one third will be wiped away
You with the lack of reverence, faith, belief, and love
Do you deserve to be spared?
Change now before it’s too late

I’ve said before, His Word is His command
Angels will respond with haste
None have asked how to change
What comes is destruction and waste

This power to prophesy cannot be contained
Soon you’ll know not from whence it comes
Your devices and idols will fail to save
Lord Jesus have Mercy… Please


Ring Of Fire

You can’t say I didn’t warn
That the earth will shake and bleed
On the ring of fire
What comes next you can’t bear to see

Natural Disasters

If you wonder why
The disasters come your way
It’s not just a coincidence
It’s a call to repentance

You don’t believe in His Law
You fabricate your own
Only for selfish gain
You blindly follow the beast

This is the only way
But it’s normal you’ll say
Expert prediction is folly too
Against the Power of God

What’s happened so far
Is just the beginning
It will be one after the other
You won’t be able to recover

Power Is His

Look and see this Divinity
All that I claim has been granted by Grace
He offers to anyone who asks
But very few believe
In His Mercy and Love

So up this path I will tread
For the sake of others
He’s got my all, my heart, my everything
It’s better than anything I’ve been

So what’s my claim, you might be wondering
Well wonder at the Power He has
He stopped a bullet meant for me
Been poisoned so many times
I was drowned by haters and choked to death
Survived a crash by malicious intent
Most impossible, don’t care to prove
What’s faith if you don’t believe?
He will take me up in the hour that’s His

My faith led me down the seldom path
I was blind but I was still led by Him
My garment now drenched
In the Blood that is His
I rejoice and all this Power is His