Learn from the Ninevites
The lesson wasn’t learned
But should the nations repent
The destruction would be spared

Never before has this world ever been
So disgustingly drenched in sin
They only know one thing
Cause and effect

Now they’ll receive what is due
This Word as written proof
You as the witness, so testify
My Love is poured out for you

These people cause this ruin
Because they want to live this way
It’s been said before and I will say again
They are blind to the Truth so pray

My Lord will relent if they heed His Word
He will retract His wrath for your Love
But this prophet has been cast aside
Now I’ve turned away from the elect

So if you feel lost and confused
If you believe the power of this Sword
Do the most awesome act of Love
Unconditionally, believe and you’ll see

Peace. Amen.