What’s Real is Love

If you ever find yourself
To your left is hate
To your right is death
The way out is simple


Cause it can’t be taken away
It is life, it is free, it is real
Tangible and Wonderful
He is Love

What I command is very real
Where the command rests is His
Now guess what’s next
Since they do not bend

From the bowels of the earth
I command fire to come forth
Like never before, you’ll see
But this is nothing
Compared to what comes
For those who persecute His little ones

Fear not if you love, believe He is
The one who will save
His Love was, is, and always will be
The way to Grace for Peace and Joy

But no one cares, that is true
They fear ridicule for His sake
I wonder at disbelief
But there are those that do

The Lord will take His stand
His mighty hand will strike the heart
With His Word and His Power
The mighty will be struck down forever



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