The message below is not a warning, but a message to the powerful. I had a vision a while ago, where a significant portion of the West coast of North America catastrophically will shake and fall into the sea. I didn’t ask Him about the decision that was made, but whatever sin it is, it must have caused harm to His little ones, it has caused this command. Even your scientists warn of a long looming quake, now there’s no stopping it.

Your world doesn’t yield to warnings
You didn’t before the towers fell
You didn’t after the evil collapsed
Still to this day, your grip chokes the poor
My Father hears the cries of the poor
But you who have been given the power
Do nothing because you are afraid

Now it’s too late for you
Your decision with a heart of stone
Has hung a millstone around your neck
Thus you will be cast into the sea
For that will be better for you
As you refuse to turn to Christ
Now My Father will turn His face away


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