Divinity Unleashed

What I know and what I see
By Divinity, but to you
Is not what it seems to be
I have Angels at my side
They enter at my command
The earthly plates and flow
Did you know?
No. You cannot see
I know by Divinity
He is Bone of my bone, Flesh of my flesh
Now the four corners have been unleashed
What comes is nothing
Compared to My Father’s wrath in the end
I’ve been shoved down deep to be silenced
But the creed says otherwise

How many more quakes will it take
Shall I turn to pestilence and plagues?


One thought on “Divinity Unleashed

  1. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/04/18/world/americas/earthquake-epidemic-scientists-say-no.html?_r=0

    Yeah, just a coincidence…

    Just because they don’t have a scientific correlation that links them together, if you noticed (probably not) that three of my prophecies in a row each within one day after posting came to pass. That is not a coincidence – two major earthquakes and a volcano. I don’t say or know where or when, but the fact they are happening so close to the prophecy is indicative that it is indeed by Lord’s hand and that His warnings are not heeded. If I prophesy and it doesn’t come to pass, I rejoice, but this Journal is seen by so few souls, that not many have the opportunity to pray for Mercy.

    I have said before, I do not want this to happen this way, but when He prompts me, I have to obey.

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