Of Kings And Queens

We are Kings and Queens of Love
Where to the world we are not
For the Queens are adored
And the Kings are scorned

Yep the world separates us
But Love can never die
These words are proof
Songs will sing them someday

Do not martyr the song
An orchestra of orchids and joy
Even you know this my love
I’m like a child playing on train tracks

I was just at my desert crossroad
I sat down and drew in the dirt
Waited for you to pass by
I wondered had you even read

Until my heart lept the moment you did
The verse about what you had said
I knew you’re still near the bay
Let me be your apprentice, I say

I’ll bend sorrow into Joy
I know secrets that’ll take your breath away
Such beauty to articulate
There’s so much more than what you sing

Heaven is like blissful sunrises
Over living water that breathes
Swaths of Joy, Peace and Love
That stays with you, no matter the night