Learn from the Ninevites
The lesson wasn’t learned
But should the nations repent
The destruction would be spared

Never before has this world ever been
So disgustingly drenched in sin
They only know one thing
Cause and effect

Now they’ll receive what is due
This Word as written proof
You as the witness, so testify
My Love is poured out for you

These people cause this ruin
Because they want to live this way
It’s been said before and I will say again
They are blind to the Truth so pray

My Lord will relent if they heed His Word
He will retract His wrath for your Love
But this prophet has been cast aside
Now I’ve turned away from the elect

So if you feel lost and confused
If you believe the power of this Sword
Do the most awesome act of Love
Unconditionally, believe and you’ll see

Peace. Amen.


Power Is His

Once is a coincidence
Twice is a fluke
Thrice is amazing
More than that is Power

What more shall I command?
Volcanoes to burst the crust
You’ll know it’s the end
Alas, Angels will be at my side

I’m still pointing the way
Believe in Jesus’ name
He has the power to save
I am just an instrument of Power

Now comes destruction and waste
In the blink the world will change
In that moment, be the light of Love
Those lost and afraid will need Him

The Dead

Endowed with the Spirit of God
I blazed and burst into flame
His Face shone like a thousand suns
Of those that saw they didn’t see

I bled out Love and I still bleed
For those who’ve wandered off
I’m here to testify to the Truth
Of those who love sin to ruin

Thousands of years in a flash
Your thirst for innocent blood and war
Will be met by a clash of plagues, death, and ruin
I’m done with the dead

Where Are You Going?

At the crossroad I waited and waited
Many passersby, so few even noticed
A King of Heaven pointing the way
Disbelief on their faces as some passed
Heading down the wide and easy road
To an illusion of life that leads to death

Now Judgement comes swift
Like a thief in the night
Oh what a Glorious sight
Majesty and Power
By His hand, Judgement is His
None can contest
So ACT out of Love above and beyond

His Name

I lifted my eyes
To the Heavenly Kingdom
Glorious praise surround
An altar, an offering

Lifted this way, it’s Him
My Lord Jesus Christ
One with Him and Me
Mercy is that despite me

I have a new name
And it is all for Love
That’s what I give to all
I’ll die for this Love to be

Nothing in return
Should not one even believe
My offering still stands
You’ll either accept or deny

So break your own heart
If you have to be free
It takes no time at all
Just His Name will save

Treasure Mountain

If you heard my story
Your heart would bleed
I thirst for Love that’s real

What desert is this?
I’ve been abandoned, abused, scorned
Real Love so very rare

But you, my diamond flower
Potent your Love is
You see it not

That’s okay, no one does
They guard their own love
Like it’s treasure they found

Unable to give it away for free
Fiercely afraid of losing it all
God’s Love is so much more

Over the mountain they’ll see
That greater Love still will always be
The Light beyond darkness

At the summit, either ascend or descend
I’m standing waiting
Kneeling praying


So there’s a place, the Angel’s know where
The creatures that crave your crops
Will swarm and storm that place
Their insatiable appetite to consume
Will leave nothing but rot and distaste

Thus this command, meant to point the way
Lest you leave yourself in a wretched state
Like the crops, you’ll be consumed and left to waste
Unless they turn away from their hate
Amen. So be it, just one command to obey