How Do You Know?

“How do you know?”
This is the question
From you to me

It’s quite simple actually
Let God strip away everything
O, what foundation He will lay?!

First comes His Love
Upon experience brings Peace
Reflection brings Joy

Now I live, and though I feel
Even in the midst of great pain, laughter, or tears
His Joy I have, no one can take away

You can burn me, torture me
Flail me, even ruin me
Take everything, even my life

Alas, with such great Love that is God’s
No matter, even when I am in or at
My worst, I’ll still feel Joy

This an evil heart will never understand
Which is in itself an indication
To pray for them, especially in the moment

It’s overwhelmingly hilariously funny
That what I value the most, isn’t gold, sex, or fame
But bleeding God’s Love so it throws them all for a loop!

Glory to the King.