Now Win The Race

O Spirit of God, You delight in me
My Palace, my Home, I offer all to Thee
Never leaving my side with Glory ablaze
I revel upon ponderance of the Day

When those who Love God, will be lifted up and raised
But if you wonder whether or not for you it is today
Then fast, pray, and commune until the Day comes like a thief
For those who are now in Him know, feel, and believe unto death
That they are indeed One with Jesus Christ, the Messiah and King

The King of Kings!
The Lord of Lords!
The God of Gods!

In subtlety you’ll see for my claim I have none
I am nothing beside Him, but an empty mirror
Polished, bright, and clean reflecting Him like Him
For only this is as His Graces make their abode

I pray then dear friends
That such fate of Love be yours
To be United with Him and in Him
Then be raised from the dead

Oh you’ll know Mercy’s day, no mistake
Like the collapse after a race
You know you’ve finished you’ve won
Except He’s shortened the race
Brought the finish to your face
Now recovery and rest await