Rescue 2

Places will be burned
A poisonous snake baring it’s teeth
House of grace will still stand
Next to the forest no longer

Whoever this snake is, they desire death for it’s prey, and it’s prey is the weak and poor, however the weak and poor (the need for a house of grace is for the weak and poor) that give themselves to Him and become Him, they will have His strength, and nothing can overcome the strength and joy that is His, His riches becomes theirs, and these riches are great gifts in the Kingdom of God. House of grace, in other words, seek grace at all times to get you through any trials, the forest is the flock, tended by the Lord and will be granted salvation, but there are those who are not and cannot be part of that flock, yet seek the same redemption, but live in fear as they are stranded and in their hearts Love and seek Christ. Graces, ask for them, and He will deliver you.