Rescue 1

I wrote the next fourteen verses from September 25, 2013 over 13 days, read it and see, it is drenched in prophecy, some has already come to pass, some has not. I will present each in a separate post in the same order in which it was written with my interpretation of what’s been fulfilled and what might come to pass as a result.

I start today with words
That pass through time and space
The meanings of which we will see
Adorned with grief and grace

I broke the words
Bent in shame I am not worthy
Though I am supposed to
Take the sword from the sheath

The first verse is an introduction that this is a prophecy and about how these words will never pass away, yet meanings which we will see and acknowledge as foreseen.

The second verse speaks about my worthiness, my failure to keep my word, but that I must still prophesy. Hence this new blog.