Dearest Love of my Soul, my Diamond
You vanished though you never left
So many years ago
Actually thousands by Grace

Heed these warnings from the deep
A written Word to come to be
Evidentially you need
Fulfillment is contingent on thee

Where His Wrath is due
Did you look beyond death
Only to see no color?
Bright and beautiful they are, see!

Cool thing is, it matters not
What you do or not
‘Cause I have veto
Over the Wrath so Believe!

Think not with your human mind
The matter that matters actually
Matters not, so unreal believe
God’s Light to Glory!

All this freedom, I should say
Unmistakable and grey
Tainted by historical conclave
Does not fail or delay

Where I leave you is not up to me
I won’t give up until the end
To Him and to our stand
Glory be praised!

Lo, Love Loves you